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Hi there earthlings! Welcome to Alfonsofonso's personal site! That'd be me.

Right now I'm working on Synchronia project. This is about outer space beings communicating with us by music. Obviously.
If you want to know more about my live performaces download the SYNCHRONIA INFO or just ask me!
In my life I've been making all kinds of music and playing all kind of instruments. From percussion to algorave, from palo to piano. I had a lot of bands but if you want a BIO just download the pdf.
I'm also writing songs... here some videoclips:
Lately I've been feeding my Youtube channel with all kind of music-related stuff, here is the show from the begining since I started with the weekly updating
Oh! I also code with Web technologies, here you can find new and old code experiments here
Feel free to contact me on any social network or just mail me